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[audio][SAR_012].Etza Meisyara - Collapse - Etza Meisyara
It's an E.P. by Etza Meisyara which is one of the talented bedroom musician who play the music on her mund through the ambience that is difussed into a good vocal reverb and ridden by a chorus effect with an acoustic guitar as the media. With a drum pattern which sound to be heard like a home recording software tool made, this E.P. will take you into a peaceful blue dimension imaginery. This E.P. more to be described as a soul healing which wouldn't take you into a fatigue-drift just like listen...
Keywords: SAR_012; Etza Meisyara; Collapse; Bandung; Shoegaze; Ambience; Bedroom Musician; Elektro Folk
Downloads: 2,028
[audio][SAR_025].Various Artists - Silent Sight - Various Artists
Goes from a will to improve a perception which said that StoneAge Records is a label that only serves for bands or musician in the circumstances of punk rock and hardcore. So this StoneAge Records make a compilation project which contains some musicians and bands played the music ranging from shoegaze, ambience, indiepop, to folk. Also we hope from here that this compilation could give a good contribution to sidestream scene locally or international.
Keywords: StoneAge Records; SAR025; Various Artists; Silent Sight; Shoegaze; Ambience; Folk; Indie Pop
Downloads: 1,075
[audio][SAR_010].Goodmorning Breakfast - Hello Monday - Goodmorning Breakfast
In the late 80's The Smiths went on hiatus. And there on, another step of britain invasion has just begun. From the Anger of Working Class kids of Manchester, Oasis, to the queer-look alike act like Suede. And maybe for a person who grew up on 90's, this such moment become an own cults for them. As much I can say that Good Morning Breakfast has its soul for carrying it again at this age. From a tunes of Oasis to the Brett Anderson vocal style adoption...
Keywords: Indie Pop; Britpop; 90's Indie Pop; 90's Britpop; Goodmorning Breakfast; Hello Monday; SAR010; StoneAge Records; Cirebon; Indonesia; West Java
Downloads: 898
[audio][SAR_002].Train Hartnet - 6 Songs - Train Hartnet
Bandung is known as a city which is produced some local legendary Hardcore acts like Puppen, known for the tough guy Hardcore act, or Blind to See, known as a legendary sXe act. And this time StoneAge Records has an opportunity for releasing an E.P. from a Bandung's Hardcore band called Train Hartnet. Their musicality is enriched by several youth crew bands like Gorilla Biscuits, Good Clean Fun, and the Champion...
Keywords: Train Hartnet; 6 Songs; Hardcore; Youth Crew; SAR_002; StoneAge Records
Downloads: 754
[audio][SAR_014].Femau - Daroja - Femau
This is a mini album by Femau which contains 5 songs on it. Actually this album is an album which has been released by an USA netlabel, Torn Flesh Records, and StoneAge Records has made a deal for re-relase it nationally. In this E.P. , Femau has successfully blend the fuel energy of punk rock and the octan substance of Yacopsae's thrash. Something so interesting could be heard here as they try to a assmilate the local culture by putting the sarcatic sundanese as the language they used to the ly...
Keywords: SAR014; Femau; Daroja; Punk Rock; Thrashcore; Punk Thrash; Sundanese Hatecore; West Java; Cimahi; Sundanese Hate Punk Rock; Indonesia
Downloads: 746
[audio][SAR_013].Certainty - Trustrworthy Thrasher - Certainty
These four youngsters from Malang are playing thrash into a term which could be found as the unique one. They dig the theme of the songs from the daily fenomena that could be catagorized as nerd one. Also, something interesting could be found here as they put some jazz patten into the track entitled "Mahal, Bodoh, dan Tak Beretika". Certainty still keep their credibility as a thrash band by playing it hard, fast, and straight to the point...
Keywords: Certainty; Trustworthy Thrasher; SAR013; Malang; Thrashcore; Nerd; Fastcore; Indonesia
Downloads: 717
[audio]New Logo - Toro Elmar
New Logo
Keywords: New Logo StoneAge Records
Downloads: 697
[audio][SAR_008].Soul Are - Southern Jakarta Hardcore - Soul Are
Adopting heavy sounds and dark theme of lyrics, this is why Soul Are is deserved to be known as 'tough' band in this capital city. These eight tracks are enough for setting you into a Boston violent dance atmosphere. You could hear the sound of double-bass-drums hardcore act like Rykers, Hatebreed, to Throwdown one. Opened by 'One Voice Crew' track which has a dark atmopheric intro and really 'pointing finger' at the verse parts...
Keywords: Hardcore; Hardcore Metal; Tough Guy Hardcore; Dark Hardcore; South Jakarta; Jakarta; Soul Are; Southern Jakarta Hardcore; SAR_008; StoneAge Records
Downloads: 673
[audio][SAR_003].Rise - Positive Hardcore - Rise
Rise is positive Hardcore band that comes from Malang. Their consistensy around the local scene also has been approved by many people. And now Rise re-release their live E.P. entitled "Positive Hardcore" which ever been released by their own digital zine "In Our Hands Magazine". Their musicality is influenced by oldschool hardcore act like Champion, Have Heart or newschool one like Endzweck. Their lyrics could be said preety persuasive...
Keywords: Rise; Positive Hardcore; Straight Edge; SAR_003; StoneAge Records
Downloads: 648
[audio][SAR_028].Party Time - Work Hard - Party Time
A "Oi!" hailed by Party Time to the millions of working class people in Indonesia, Politically, Party Time has a positive outlook for a working class revolution. This could be said by following tracks such like "Revolusi Belum Berakhir" and "Bekerjalah". Or even the punk rock ballads which is heard well at the tracks "Vira" and "Run Away". Musically Party Time has been injected by the sound of punk rock like Toy Dolls with the mixing of Celtic Punk's spicy arrangement like Flogging Molly...
Keywords: StoneAge Records; SAR_028; Party Time; Skinhead; punkrock; Celtic Punk; Punkcordion; Oi!; Jakarta; East Jakarta; Punk
Downloads: 615
[audio][SAR_005].Take It Back - Thrash N Roll - Take It Back
After doing some releases with some local and international bands, the frontier of Jakarta's skate thrash, Take It Back, released an album entitled "Thrash N Roll". This album contains 13 tracks that gonna blow off your ear with a super fast thrash beat and raw guitar sound. And then, Take It Back has also played a form of thrash sound which is enjoy-to-be-listened. And this is also a proove of why they got the demands for international release...
Keywords: Take It Back; Thrash N Roll; Fastcore; Thrashcore; Skate Thrash; StoneAge Records; SAR_005
Downloads: 565 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio][SAR_058].Last Kiss To Die of Visceroth - Kala Pati Kala Lupa - Last Kiss To Die of Visceroth
Jogjakarta presents again another great stuff to have, a collective post rockish screamo carrying various elements to be presented such as Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Explosions In The Sky, Boris, Russian Circles, Mogwai, Fugazi, Strata, Venom Orchestra, Nirvana, Kitaro, Boy Set Fire, Refused, Sunn O))), and Boby Birds. And also there are also much noise elements blending into a softer stuffs which is comfortable to be heard...
Keywords: Screamo; Post Rock; Last Kiss To Die of Visceroth; Yogyakarta; SAR058; StoneAge Records; Collective; Kala Pati Kala Lupa; Indra Menus; Sadcore; Gloomy; Emo; Post Hardcore
Downloads: 484
[audio][SAR_032].Various Artists - Indonesian Netlabel Compilation : Riot In The Internet - Indonesia Netlabel Unite
Few months ago I recieved a Facebook letter coming from a currator and also founder from YesNo Wave contained about the plan of mixtape releasing along the Indonesian netlabels. Certainly, this thing is done for some reason beneath. Existence, thats the main point of why this mass gathering happens. In Indonesia itself, the netlabel is a young aged culture product. This could be seen with Zoo's album which becomes a critical aclaim on one of the radio in the capital city and also Frau's EP which...
Keywords: Netlbel; Indonesia; StoneAge Records; YesNo Wave; In My Room Records; Hujan Rekords; Mindblasting; Indonesian Netlabel Unite; SAR 032
Downloads: 458
[audio][RHH_01]Radio Hey Ho! Podcast Vol I : Porn Issue - Radio Hey Ho!
IQRAWK!(Review Zine) - Pussywagon - Uncivilized - Hipster DESA DESI (Denger Sana Denger Sini)(Review Rilisan) - xUNFORCEx - Be Quiete - Aku - E-MO - Dummy PADAT KARYA(Review Movement) - PUNK 4 THE HOMELESS - FOOD NOT BOMBS
Keywords: Radio Hey Ho!; podcast; StoneAge Records; Volume 1; Porn
Downloads: 455
[audio][SAR_022].Fuentes - Monolog - Fuentes
Phenomenal instrumental shoegaze created by three people who mixture imagination from post-rock music, rock 60 ', Indie Pop, with a little vocal strains will remain low, but rising grunge style still alive. The beatles and nirvana atmosphere that may remain floating freely in your mind of all with a touch slightly faster tempo, and sometimes slowly, will bring a little illustration of the 60 'until now the connection is strong and enjoy the tunes!-cil-
Keywords: Fuentes; Monolog; Tangerang; Alternative; 90's; Alternative 90's; StoneAge Records; SAR022
Downloads: 415
[audio][SAR_009].Hellcore - Terbakar - Hellcore
The definition of grindcore musically is actually a fast and aggressive music then usually to be less-three-minute-song. Hellcore has correctly kept the grindcore's intensity and its aggresive which will bring you into a Earache Records chaotic grindcore atmosphere. This E.P. consists of five songs which ready to grind your ear and also some addition of live footage. Without any mercy, Hellcore will rape out your ear with a brutal grindcore tunes blend with a blowing anger lyrics...
Keywords: Grindcore; Hellcore; SAR009; StoneAge Records; Malang; Hellcore; Terbakar; Indonesia
Downloads: 406
[audio][SAR_100].Infinity Girl - Just Like Lovers - Infinity Girl
[SAR_100].Infinity Girl - Just Like Lovers
Keywords: Infinity Girl; Just Like Lovers; StoneAge Records; SAR100; Shoegaze; Noise Pop; Fuzzy; Fuzz Pop; Boston; Healing Noise; Comfortable Noise
Downloads: 402
[audio][SAR_011].About The Drunker - Ooh! - About The Drunker
Maybe its kinda a manifasto of Fat Mike's statement which is said "Punk Rock should never played in the safe zone". Then About The Drunker has enough to carry it on and analyze a hardcore form into the most artistic one but still in the way of "playing outside the safe zone". They recorded it live using a camera so you can feel about how is your hardcore raped by an artistic lo-fi sound. Blend with the slang words lyrically which could change your paradigm about how the postivism could be sent i...
Keywords: About The Drunker; Ooh!; Positive Hardcore; IKJ; Lo-Fi Hardcore; StoneAge Records; SAR011; Jakarta
Downloads: 401
[audio][SAR_024].Social Black Yelling - Riot Will Find A Way - Social Black Yelling
Such a crucial decision for these five urban youngsters to decide for returning the early 80's thrash cult to the local scene. Social Black Yelling has been awfully success injecting their sound and atmosphere into the soul of Kreator's thrash metal at the Extreme Aggression album phase with a little possession of Metallica at the age of Cliff Burton to their musicality. Be Hold! SOCIAL BLACK YELLING with Riot Will Find A Way will take back the Thrash Metal into its roots.
Keywords: SAR_024; StoneAge Records; Social Black Yelling; Riot Will Find A Way; Thrash Metal; Jakarta; West Jakarta; Jakarta Barat
Downloads: 396
[audio][SAR_091].Nervous Breakdown - Crap From The Creep - Nervous Breakdown
An EP by the best East Jakarta Artcore Act, Nervous Breakdown!
Keywords: Nervous Breakdown; SAR091; StoneAge Records; Crap From The Creep; Oyi; East Jakarta; Hardcore; Pacarnya Soraya; Freddy; Dikeroyok Wanita; Artcore; Thrash; Death Metal; 80's Hardcore; Avant Garde; Good Shit; Awesome; For Real
Downloads: 394
[audio][SAR_043].The Greatbanks - Greatbanks - The Greatbanks
Taking some words from the most fronted local webzine at this age, Wastedrockers, that there is a misconception between shoegaze and post rock taking the result from a usual crossover between the genres. Greatbanks, three youngsters from Bandung explore the noisy droning riffs with the inheritance sounds of Jesus and The Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, Pale Saints, and Ride. This mini album draw a statement about what is the real Shoegaze sounds like.
Keywords: The Greatbanks; Greatbanks; SAR043; StoneAge Records; Shoegaze; Noisepop; Bandung; Trio
Downloads: 387
[audio][SAR_019].Mutant Troopers - Mars Attack - Mutant Troopers
From Malang we present you Mutant Troopers, a crossover thrash band. Then we found something really interesting here is when people interprate that crossover thrash is a subgenre which is full by social politic aspects but Mutant Troopers has shown you about crossover taking comical imaginary and arranged by the looking of newschool crossover, taking Municipal Waste as the similarity. A good soundtrack for you to lead your imagination while reading Tim Burton's Masterpiece "Mars Attack".
Keywords: Mutant Troopers; Mars Attack; SAR019; Malang; Java; Jawa; East Java; Crossover Thrash; Hardcore; Thrash; Comical Theme
Downloads: 335
[audio][SAR_053].De Morte - Skaratulmaut - De Morte
The release now comes from a Surabaya based ska squadron unit, De Morte! Overall De Morte's music could be generated as ska though in fact that they added some elements like fastcore to a quiet intense punk rock influence beneath. Enjoy this such a short plus tight mini album from De Morte!
Keywords: De Morte; Ska; Hardcore; Skacore; Surabaya; Fastcore; Thrashcore; Punk Rock; Indonesia; StoneAge Records; SAR053; Alfan; Papa Onta; Scream; Hardcore Punk
Downloads: 334
[audio][SAR_074].YK Decay - Rasah Do Cangkeman - YK Decay
[SAR_074].YK Decay - Rasah Do Cangkeman
Keywords: YK Decay; Rasah Do Cangkeman; Jogjakarta; StoneAge Records; SAR074; Indonesia; Javenese Sarcastic; Blasphemy; Hardcore; Punk; Hardcore Punk; Noise
Downloads: 324
[audio][SAR_057].Playing Dead Man, Individual Distortion, Perusak, Anus Apatis - Grind Kemana-Mana - Playing Dead Man/Individual Distortion/Perusak/Anus Apatis
Its a 4 way split made up by Individual Distortion, Anus Apatis, Perusak, and Playing Dead Man. And such an honour thing to know that the split's cover is done by one of the most famous dangdut star nowadays, Ayu Ting Ting! :p Ok. Each band in this split playing different styles of grind music. First we got Individual Distortion which is very very very pro in wrecking up your stereo with the super annoying noisecore tunes, Playing Dead Man playing grind with the powerviolence taste inside, and t...
Keywords: Playing Dead Man; Individual Distortion; Perusak; Anus Apatis; Grind; Noise; Noisecore; Noise Grind; Experimental; Powerviolence; Cipanas; Jakarta; Yogyakarta; Tangerang; StoneAge Records; SAR057; Split; 4-Way Split; Adythia Utama; Oyot; Marthin; Ican Harem
Downloads: 323
[audio][SAR_079].False Light - False Light
[SAR_079].False Light - False Light
Keywords: False Light; Selftitled; Powerviolence; United States; SAR079; Doom; Hardcore; Heavy; Dark; Noisy
Downloads: 320
[audio][SAR_029].Winter Issue - Happy for Lovin You - Winter Issue
Again, we present to you a quite release from Winter Issue. Featuring the indiepop atmosphere which blended with the harmonic jagling guitar, This single is so perfectly match for you who is on stoked of the 90's indiepop sound.
Keywords: StoneAge Records; Winter Issue; Happy for Lovin You; single; Indiepop; Jakarta; SAR029
Downloads: 317
[audio][SAR_017].AH!!! Split with Hillary Death - Mighty Morphin Powerviolence - AH!!! and Hillary Death
Its such a memorable things for us to documenting a local poweviolence releases, which could be said that the scene itself locally is really rare, into the digital form. And now AH!!! doing the split with Hillary Death from Germany. Thirteen fast tracks from Hillary Death were ready to shock you down. Well I don't know but something in a Lo-Fi is really interesting, so could be said that this Hillary Death recordings is totally in high intensity of raw...
Keywords: AH!!!; Hillary Death; Powerviolence; Bandung; Germany; Split Project; StoneAge Records; SAR017
Downloads: 304
[audio][SAR_089].Headkrusher - The Worst - Headkrusher
[SAR_089].Headkrusher - The Worst
Keywords: Headkrusher; The Worst; Yogyakarta; Thrash Metal; Blackened Thrash; Raw; Black; Goth; Metal; Satanic Punk
Downloads: 297
[audio][SAR_065].Kapten Bujbunen Al Buse Kontra Jendral Troj - Prahara Berdarah Di Prapatan Jengkol - Adit Bujbunen Al Buse & Man Troj
[SAR_065].Kapten Bujbunen Al Buse Kontra Jendral Troj - Prahara Berdarah Di Prapatan Jengkol
Keywords: Adit Bujbunen Al Buse; Man Troj; Prahara Berdarah Di Prapatan Jengkol; Kapten Bujbunen Al Buse Kontra Jendral Troj; Kapten Bujbunen Al Buse; Jendral Troj; StoneAge Records; SAR065; Noise; Darkwave; Experimental; Epic; Story Tale; Horror; Indonesian Horror; Malaysia; Collaboration; Bendungan Hilir; Indonesia
Downloads: 296 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio][SAR_020].Road Dog - Download Internet - Road Dog
These four Yogya's youths play ska music with its tendency to the original essence which been played long time before. Still ghetto backgrounded and sceptical statement to social environment, Road Dog seems able to allocate your missing part to the 90's The Specials' ska atmospheric with a little punk rock blending inside. Get ready for this one cause Road Dog has been ready for recharging Rudy's tunes to your dance floor.
Keywords: Road Dog; Download Internet; SAR020; Ska; Yogyakarta; Punk Rock; Rude Boy; StoneAge Records; 2 Tone
Downloads: 283
[audio][SAR_034].Rhetoric States - First Blood - Rhetoric States
First Blood is a sweaty and full-energy achievement for Rhetoric States where the person inside is not a new comer for the capital city punk scene. In this album Rhetoric States seems already prepared the materials well in this album. The music was blended well between the punk rock sound which rooting from Social Distortion into Alkaline Trio or even Rancid. In lyrics departement Rhetoric States has also made it prepared well...
Keywords: Rhetoric States; StoneAge Records; First Blood; 1998; Tangerang; SAR034; Punk Rock; Punk
Downloads: 276
[audio][SAR_026].Fighting Spirit split with Unforce - Double Punched Hardcore - Fighting Spirit and Unforce
A bilateral split between Fighting Spirit from Bandung and Unforce from Philipines. Both bands are from the same music scene, Hardcore, and also with the music full of positivism, fast, and straight to the point. This split EP is a proof for Unity as today's hardcore is full by competition!!!
Keywords: Hardcore; Bandung; Philipines; StoneAge Records; SAR026; Youth Crew; Positive
Downloads: 266
[audio][SAR_023].Yunus Kicked Her Nose - Endless Generation - Yunus Kicked Her Nose
The anger was blown sporadically through the tough distortion of new school hardcore from Yunus Kicked Her Nose. Packed with the amunition of blowing hardcore from Comeback Kid to 911, These Semarang youngsters are ready for waving your hurricane circle pit with the good hard tough distortion. So here comes you YUNUS KICKED HER NOSE!!!
Keywords: Yunus Kicked Her Nose; Endless Generation; SAR023; StoneAge Records; Hardcore; Semarang; Indonesia
Downloads: 266
[audio][SAR_001].StoneAgeRock - Free Demo Release - StoneAgeRock
StoneAgeRock relaeased a single that is for free to be downloaded. This single contains two songs which both is on their MySpace. And if you like pop punk acts like The Ataris or even New Found Glory.Please may this records be yours.
Keywords: StoneAgeRock; FreeDemoRelease; SAR_001; StoneAge Records; Pop Punk; Female Vocalist
Downloads: 263
[audio][SAR_075].Last Kiss To Die of Visceroth - Raw Demo 2012 - Last Kiss To Die of Visceroth
After being success to release their debut tape, this jogja based band, Last Kiss To Die of Visceroth, release their 2012 demo digitally for free and legal! Ok still with the gloomy atmosphere in post rock hooked up with screamo element (Think of Envy, Heaven In Her Arms and Mogwai at the same time), it seems that Last Kiss To Die of Visceroth still being good as the forbidden tunes for the lonely single lol! OK along to the wait about when post rock would be featured on Radio Show TV One lets p...
Keywords: Last Kiss To Die of Visceroth; Raw Demo 2012; StoneAge Records; SAR075; Screamo; Post Rock; Menus; Lo-Fi; Yogyakarta; Post Hardcore
Downloads: 260
[audio][SAR_072].Saturday Night Karaoke - Discography - Saturday Night Karaoke
[SAR_072].Saturday Night Karaoke - Discography
Keywords: Saturday Night Karaoke; Discography; SAR_072; Pop Punk; Bandung; Prabu; Chewing Gum; Jatinangor; Unpad; Blah!; Duh!; The Ergs Cover
Downloads: 256
[audio][SAR_018].Cut Your Dick - Polemic of Our Life - Cut Your Dick
In the late 80's Bad Religion with their album, Suffer, has saved the continuation of Californian punk rock scene. But in the matter of fact that this album has also gave a giant contribution to the awakening of the regional California punk rock scene. Moving from that, Cut Your Dick seems doing well for reconstructing the California earlier melodic punk sounds. Explicitly, this album more to be heard like NOFX at the era of Ribbed or Punk in Drublic albums with the unique keys like slank words ...
Keywords: Cut Your DIck; Polemic of Our Life; Melodic Punk; Californian Melodic Punk; StoneAge Records; SAR018; Jakarta
Downloads: 246
[audio][SAR_030].Serigala Jahanam - Lovers in Grace - Serigala Jahanam
After the 5 way split at Hujan Rekords. Now Serigala Jahanam prensents you a re-released tour EP entitled "Lovers in Grace". In this EP, Serigala Jahanam comes with sludge/doom concept with a band formed. The first track is opened with "Runtuh Terbakar" which is a heavy-distorted and dark track. Then the next track is "Badai Listrik", which ready to show maximal audio distraction. And the last track "Lembah Biru, Dalam, dan Beku" closing the EP oddly...
Keywords: Serigala Jahanam; Lovers in Grace; SAR030; Sludge; Doom; Stoner rock; Post Metal; Dede; Wastedrockers
Downloads: 244
[audio][SAR_033].Karnivorous Vulgaris - Karnivora Birahi - Karnivorous Vulgaris
Surabaya is once a city which ever been abandoned after Bandung with its golden era became a "bank" in producing good local musicians. But this doesn't mean that young talents there becomes short-hoped. Karnivorous Vulgaris is not a musician which is formed within a big scene but they got a potency for being a good musicians. using a low fidelity recording technique (lo-fi), Karnivorous Vulgaris can proove that creating a good songs doesn't always have to be put with a good recording quality...
Keywords: Karnivorous Vulgaris; StoneAge Records; SAR 033; Surabaya; Lo-Fi; Folk; pervert; double album
Downloads: 243
[audio][SAR_101].Marietta - Yeah Yeah, Utah - Marietta
[SAR_101].Marietta - Yeah Yeah, Utah
Keywords: Marietta; Yeah Yeah Utah; Emo; Pop Punk; Twinkle Daddy; Twinkle; Philadelphia; Sing Along; SAR101; StoneAge Records
Downloads: 243
[audio][SAR_006].Leg To Decay - Rebellion - Leg To Decay
Medan is a city where produce preety much good 'tough guy' hardcore local potentials like Fingerprint, Racercycle, and Leg To Decay. And now, in honour StoneAge Records release an E.P. by Leg To Decay. In this E.P. you can a hardcore metal sensation with a thick guitar layer blend with the lyrics about anger and rebellion. I feel a strange part at the track 'This Is 3 March'. Well I don't know whether its an intentional jazz part or just a fussion part which is to show them their differences to ...
Keywords: Hardcore; Hardcore Metal; Tough Guy Hardcore; Leg To Decay; Rebellion; Medan Hardcore; Negative Hardcore; StoneAge Records; SAR_006
Downloads: 242
[audio][SAR_083].+HIRS+ - The First 100 Songs - +HIRS+
[SAR_083].+HIRS+ - The First 100 Songs
Keywords: Grind; Machine Grind; Powerhouse; Powerviolence; Short Songs; Queer; Queer Grind; Gay; Philladelphia; Greg; StoneAge Records; +HIRS+; The First 100 Songs; SAR083
Downloads: 242
[audio][SAR_063].Binatang Liar - Sekumpulan (A Bunch Of Wild Animals) - Binatang Liar
[SAR_063].Binatang Liar - Sekumpulan (A Bunch Of Wild Animals)
Keywords: StoneAge Records; Binatang Liar; Sekumpulan; A Bunch of Animals; Torocore; Jomblocore; Cybergrind; Noisecore; Noise; Experimental; Animals; Species; SAR063; Jakarta; Horecore; Hore! Hore!; IKJ; Biang Rusuh
Downloads: 239
[audio][SAR_031].Rest In Pain - Armistice of Karma - Rest In Pain
Rest In Pain is one of an emo band, a genre which is really caught the intension locally in the year of 2004. Sentimentil lyrics which crossed over into a metal form of As I Lay Dying and Static Lullaby, so this one is a sweet package if you are such a huge fans of revival metalcore and emo.
Keywords: Bandung; Rest In Pain; Armistice of Karma; Screamo; 2010; SAR031; StoneAge Records
Downloads: 239
[audio][SAR_021].Realitas - Injak - Realitas
With this StoneAge Records presents you the first d-beat release ever at this netlabel, Realitas from Eastern Jakarta. Realitas' music intense is about being influenced for fast anarcho d-beat act such like Avskum(early era) to Inepsy. Something different here is when you heard d-beat which always in formed to mid tempo and the constant velocity drum so here Realitas try to turn out the early 80's d-beat with faster tempo and raw distortion...
Keywords: Realitas; Injak; single; Jakarta; D-Beat; StoneAgeRecords; SAR021; Punk Rock
Downloads: 237
[audio][SAR_007].Athenalate - Warnai Malam Ini - Athenalate
Pop punk is a music genre that is identified by values like high school romance or comprehension about personal life ego and hope. Athenalate is a six-man band which also really influenced by Decaydance records pop punk tunes. In this single, they will bring to you a form of pop punk which is really enjoyable and "well-listening". And may this release be yours especially if you are now tracing back into the your high school
Keywords: Pop Punk; Teenage; Teenage Pop Punk; Athenalate; Warnai Malam Ini; StoneAge Records; SAR_007; Jakarta Band; Jakarta; Kemanggisan
Downloads: 234
[audio][SAR_015].Hope - When Competition has Begin - Hope
This could be said that Hope is a hardcore band which is really good hardcore band for a moshpit sweat making and adrenaline pumping. This mini album which is consists of three songs on the line and one intro as the interlude, we are really recomend you for the one who is really keen on the newschool hardcore sound. With anger theme lyrically, Hope could make a total "In Your Face" hardcore so well here...
Keywords: Hope; When Competition has Begin; SAR015; StoneAge Records; Indonesia; Java; East Java; Kediri; Hardcore; NewSchool Hardcore; New York
Downloads: 233
[audio][SAR_004].Last Action Hero - Life Become Struggle - Last Action Hero
This is an E.P. from Last Action Hero. Overall in this album, they show you how to play melodic hardcore in a way of short-time, technical, and fast. Opened by an intro which obviously state their music is not just about playing three chords. Then followed by the next track entitled "Struggle Soul" with faster beat the previous one. The next track "Go Away", they keep playing with fast beat and still introduce you to a technical melodic hardcore tune...
Keywords: Last Action Hero; Life Become Struggle; Melodic Hardcore; Punk Rock; Fast Melodic Hardcore; StoneAge Records; SAR_004
Downloads: 231
[audio][SAR_064].Seized - Walk The Lie - Seized
[SAR_064].Seized - Walk The Lie
Keywords: SAR064; StoneAge Records; Seized; Walk The Lie; Kediri; Hardcore; Punk; Math; Thrashcore; Hardcore Thrash; Almost Brothers Cover; Vans; Fast; Fastcore; Helmy; Hantamrata; Surya; Hope; Indonesia
Downloads: 231
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